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Crystal Star Power... Cake-Up! by Snake-Charmer-Ami Crystal Star Power... Cake-Up! :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 6 5
Mature content
Lover in the Dark :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 3 0
I am a penny.
There was once a time when I was new. I was like a copper sun amongst a silver sea. You were happy to have me then, enjoying the glint and the shine—just the untarnished newness of all that I was.
But that does not last.
I was beaten and abused, left around and dropped. Scratches and dirt coated my surface now, each one telling a story and each one making me uglier. My newness was like ice and it was melting away quickly.
I am a penny.
Now that I am not shiny and new, you have no use for me. You drop me into the darkness of your bag, tucked away if there is ever a case where you may need me. I am lost in the catacombs of your purse, not even allowed in the sanctity of your wallet. I would only tarnish the sea of silver with spots of dull brown—it does not matter what a loonie looks like, a loonie is a dollar.
I am only one hundredth of a dollar. It will take one hundred of me, an army, to complete with the worth of a dollar. But there is only one. There are mi
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 1 2
With the covers pulled up to my chin I know I’m supposed to feel safe but there are knots inside of me, tightly bound and not released. These knots are made of fear and they grow taut when the sun falls down when I know the imminent must always come. I stare at a single spot on my ceiling until my head begins to ache. I try to pretend I don’t hear anything, I pretend I don’t hear the scratching noises and the sound of feet dragging on the hardwood floor. But as hard as I try, I hear it clear as a bell. I know that and so does he and I think he delights in that. My fingers clench onto the sheets as I ignore the figure in the bottom of my vision. I will not look at him, I will not acknowledge him but I tremble and I know that is enough for him. I blink back my tears as my breath comes out in short and panicked gasps. Ignorance is bliss and I desperately wish to be ignorant again. I’m too afraid to close my eyes, afraid he would loom over me and I would not even kn
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 5
Mature content
Touches in the Darkness :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 5 6
snakecharmerAMI -- by Snake-Charmer-Ami snakecharmerAMI -- :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 5 8
Gun by Love
Gun by Love
Her smile lights my days;
her eyes lights my soul;
Her hands took my heart;
Her hands left a hole.
She took it without permission;
She took it without my know;
She took my heart away from me;
Now I have nowhere left to go.
How'd she break defenses?
How'd she ever know?
How to peel the layers
to leave my heart in snow.
Carefully built in the cavern
of my guarded chest
layed my peaceful heart;
which she soon put to rest.
Her smile lit my days;
Her eyes lit my soul;
Her hands took my heart;
The bullet left a hole.
Who hurts for love?
Who dies in the name?
Only innocent me;
Who didn't know her game.
Her fingers had gripped my heart;
Like one in need;
She tore it up but wanted more;
I could not satiate her greed.
I was not enough;
So I cried tears of red;
So I took my gun, joined my heart;
And now I'm finally dead.
by Amanda Marandola
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 1 3
Mature content
Heart Shaped Bruises :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 2 0
Dreaming of Pain
Sleep is not a refuge.
Dreaming can hurt more than living,
reaching for someone that won't be there when you open your eyes,
reaching for the one that your heart beats for.
They're never there when you open your eyes.
You can scream, you can cry and you can curse,
You can beg until your throat is raw,
Until your eyes can no longer spare a tear.
But when you close your eyes and see your so-called refuge,
you're right back to where you started when you open them.
Screaming, crying and cursing.
Wishing and praying until you don't even have the strength to lift your head,
You don't have to die to see heaven, you just merely need to close your eyes.
But when they open, you may just find yourself back in hell.
Where you find yourself lost and broken.
A simple lift of eyelids, watching yours hopes and wishes burn.
But even then,
When you close your eyes,
when you know they won't be there when you open them,
you beg and pray to see them at least once, just a glimpse.
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 3
I'm going mad.
My heart is in shreds, my mind has gone under.
Something that was a splinter is now a gaping wound.
The flow of time cannot heal everything.
The patient wait and the rest scratch at unseen scars, begging for the pain to go.
Scratching at it, begging... and crying.
Time has not aided me.
Time has not salvaged my heart and mind.
The dull ache I wish it was, is nothing but searing pain.
Go away, go away.
Get away from me.
The fragile heart beats with every breath.
Sheer will cannot stop it's steady rhythm.
Hoping, wishing, begging.
It won't stop, no matter how much pain you claim to feel.
Hope and wishes were for the cradle.
Only the desperate beg.
No one hears your pleas, no one can end it.
Your pain is your's, Your life is your's. Your choice is your's.
Your hands hold the power to stop that beat.
Pick your poison if you can bear it.
Say goodbye to your hurt. The end of time can heal everything.
Only the desperate reach for the end.
Am I des
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 21
Amelia + Winry: A Little Close by Snake-Charmer-Ami
Mature content
Amelia + Winry: A Little Close :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 7 9
You can't reuse something that is broken and beaten down.
She doesn't want to watch the cycle keep going around.
Instead of going green, she turned blue,
Now she's too scared to start something new.
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 13
Burnt Toast
Sun is too blinding
every morning.
Pain in my stomach,
Simple, keep it simple. Quick.
Toast is easy,
Where is it?
Where is her coffee cup?
A bitter smell,
why are they yelling at me?
I should have,
I should have checked.
I burnt my toast, and now it's black
like my heart.
I didn't check to see if she was sleeping.
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 7
Goodbye, Daisy.
Youth my flower,
born from cold April showers.
Your life is burning so bright,
but my petals are falling into night.
Your stem as green as my old love's eyes,
hear the wind whisper it's sighs.
Age has turned this hair white,
like your petals, such a beautiful sight.
The sweet smelling center as yellow as my teeth,
creases on this spotted skin caused by grief,
while your petals are as soft as silk,
pollen as sweet as milk,
give to the bees,
who hum in the trees.
These ears are now deaf to such music and youth's cry,
while age whispers that I must die.
Dear little daisy,
time is on your side,
do not hide,
behind the weeds that youth mistakes you for,
I hid myself before.
I wish I was free back when my days were bright,
but age now tells me the time is right.
Even though it is sad, I will not cry,
I will just say Goodbye.
Goodbye little daisy.
:iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 9
Good Night, Turtle. by Snake-Charmer-Ami Good Night, Turtle. :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 0 0 Coiled Beauty by Snake-Charmer-Ami Coiled Beauty :iconsnake-charmer-ami:Snake-Charmer-Ami 1 3

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